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Tuesday, 16 June 2009 00:59

On a web board I frequent, the claim was made - for the umpteenth time - by someone of a more liberal/Democrat bent than I that "Bush created massive deficits after Clinton left us with surpluses!!!"  And how many times do we hear from fellow Conservatives that the GOP spent like drunken sailors?  Well, I've had enough.

 First off, this claim shows a tremendous lack of knowledge about how our Government functions.  Here's a hint (well, more like a 2x4 upside the head): the President does NOT write the budget; the House does. Then the House sends the budget to the Senate for amending and its own vote. Then back for conference and a full vote by the Congress. THEN it goes to the President.


So I went digging out some data. And I found the following (summarized and graphed):

The red squares indicate when the GOP was in control of the House and the Senate. The blue squares indicate when the Democrats were in control of the House and the Senate. The purple squares indicate when the GOP controlled the House, the Democrats controlled the Senate.


Anything striking jump out at you? For both Democrat (Clinton and Obama) and Republican (Bush) Presidents, we see that when the Congress was controlled by the GOP - both houses - the budget deficits FELL.


And when either - or both - houses of Congress were controlled by the Democrats, the deficits rose.

The data's pretty clear; if we want fiscal conservatism, then the GOP - the more Conservative party - MUST recapture the Congress - BOTH houses. Getting one, or the White House is not enough. Leaving the Democrats in control of either chamber of Congress will not solve the problem; only a Conservatve takeover of Congress can reverse the debts we're accumulating.
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