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Monday, 26 December 2016 23:25

President Obama just claimed he cut the deficit in half - a lie he's repeated often.  But what is a deficit?  It's spending above your income.  It's adding more debt to your current debt.  That's easy to track.  So let's take a look:





Looks like to me that President Obama actually increased the deficit, from around $550 billion (or $1 trillion, depending upon where you say he started) to over $1.4 trillion.  In fact, the REAL deficit (not the fake one he likes to puff about, like the fake unemploymenr rate or the fake inflation rate or the fake GDP rate) under President Obama has averaged over $1 trillion per year.  Nearly triple that of President Bush, and over 5 times as high as the old Democrat boogieman, President Reagan.

Far from cutting the deficit, President Obama dramatically increased - and sustained - the reckless debt-fueled spending.

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