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Wednesday, 15 June 2016 16:22

The White House is claiming that the country is safer today than it was 8 years ago.  A claim made to try to "strengthen" the image of our shrinking-violet President and his inability to secure or address terrorism.  Yes, with a straight face, the White House officially stated that "Our country is safer than it was 8 years ago".  Too bad for the White House that it is trivial to check the accuracy of their claim...




Looking at the terror attacks since 2000, we find the following:


- 12 terror attacks from Jan 21, 2001 to Jan 21, 2009.  These are attacks under President Bush.


- 25 terror attacks from Jan 22, 2009 to the present.  These are the attacks under President Obama.


This leads us to one of two possible conclusions: the President and the White House consider you safer when the number of attacks on you more than doubles, OR they are outright lying.  So it's either incompetence or lying.  Perhaps both.  But there is no other possible conclusion.  This President is proven again to be a liar - unless, of course, he chooses to claim the mantle of incompetence?

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