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Sunday, 12 June 2016 16:36

Orlando – 53+ killed, dozens more injured in an attack on a night club.


And no, it’s not the gun.  It’s Islam.


Listening to the talking heads this morning, after the horrific Islamic terrorist attack in Orlando, there is a growing move towards blaming the firearm and not the hateful, bigoted, intolerant terrorist Muslim who carried that firearm and pulled the trigger.  It would have been much easier for Mateen to simply make a few Molotov cocktails and burn the place down, inevitably killing many more.




No, he chose to use a gun because it provided direct, intimate killing.  He could WATCH each person die.  He could pick and choose who died.  He could play a god.  He wanted to select his victims, he wanted to personally execute each one.  He did not want to just kill – he wanted to kill in a direct, intimate manner.


This is Liberalism to an “L”.  The continual denying of evil actions by individuals, by trying to forgive any and all actions, by trying to excuse any behavior no matter how abhorrent, the Liberals actually encourage this kind of terrible action.


Rather than blame the hateful terrorist who hates everything about the US and has proved he’s one of the least tolerant people out there, they choose to blame an inanimate object.  It was because the gun existed that the piece-of-scum named Omar killed all those people, not his twisted sense of moral justice as he acted out what he was commanded to do by his religion.


Some Florida State senator just spent 3 minutes ranting about how a firearm was used.  How it was terrible that guns can be bought and used.  Not a single word about the piece of Islamic dogmeat who pulled the trigger.  Who premeditated this attack.  Who prepared for it.  No, it was the gun.




Who’s responsible for this attack?  It is 100% obvious – Mainstream Muslims.  You read that right – MAINSTREAM Muslims.  Not just radical, but mainstream.  Mainstream Muslims harbor these cretins.  Mainstream Muslims do not denounce and challenge the preaching of hate.  Mainstream Muslims seek excuses and play the victim card rather than reaching out and fighting against the hate spewed forth by their own imams.


Omar is a product of his environment.  An environment steeped in Islam.  An environment that preached the Qur’an (that evil manual) and emphasized the commands to kill gays, to slaughter infidels, to convert by the sword.  He is the physical manifestation of those same mainstream Muslims who sit idly by and do not lift a finger to halt or counter the hate.


And who is complicit with them?  The Liberals in the US, especially as embodied by the current Administration.  Anyone – ANYONE – who doesn’t agree with the Administration and the Liberal fools is immediately branded a bigot and racist (which is fascinating given this Administration and its supports are some of the most bigoted, intolerant, racist people we’ve seen in 3 generations).  Their demand that we accept animals and accept their speech and way of life is what encourages and gives water to the seeds of hate that are spread by Islam.


Make no mistake – this was not caused by an inanimate piece of plastic and metal.  This was not caused by a business making and selling a tool that has been bought and sold for hundreds of years.  This was caused 100% by a twisted, evil little piece of pigshit who was steeped in hate and bigotry by his local mosque, and supported and encouraged by an Administration who hates what the US is and what it stands for.


President Obama – this is your fault as much as it is the fault of Omar Mateen.  This is blood on YOUR hands.  You support this.  You encourage this.  You cultivate the culture that grows this.  This is the fruit of your labors – and now it is clear what evil and hate lives inside you.  Your attempt at moral equivalency between Islam and Christianity, between Islam and Judaism, is simply elevating and giving legitimacy to Islam. YOU are the reason for this.  YOU have their blood on your hands.  YOU failed.  And now you will be a coward and blame everyone else but the person who supports the environment that grew this cretin, and the cretin himself.


Islam.  Obama.  Mateen is merely the incarnation of what Islam wants, and that Obama desires to tolerate.  THAT is where the blame lies.  Do not make a mistake.  Do not waver.  Mateen was the product of an upbringing, a religion, and for the last 8 years an Administration that encouraged his hate, his bigotry, his abject anger.



Muslims – you are either with us or against us.  Unless you claim – and prove via action – the former, you are automatically the latter.  Obama – you are against us by your words and actions.  YOU are the reason this happened.  God may forgive you, but I never will.

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