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Thursday, 14 November 2013 17:30

Several years ago (just over 4, to be exact), I wrote a blog entry about our emerging American dictator.  Today simply confirms that President Obama has cemented that position, with his virtual rewrite of his signature, landmark, linchpin legislation, the PPACA - otherwise known as Obamacare.  Because of the abject failure of the website, the public began to delve deeper.  Because of the collapse of the website, the media could no longer ignore the failures of this Presidency - facts must come out.  And today, they did.


The President stood before the nation, and said that he - not Congress, HE - was going to rewrite the ACA, overturn fundamental requirements that were already enshrined in law.  The requirement for ending grandfathered policies is gone.  The limits on policies that can be offered (what carriers/riders must be included) is toast.  The President will unilaterally declare sections of the ACA to be null-and-void.  Just as a petty, two-bit, banana-republic tyrant would do.


Remember, this is the President who told us this was settled law.  His supporters never failed to remind us that the ACA was passed legislation and was found good by the Supreme Court.  It could not be changed, could not be rolled back - it was settled law.  And yet, now that the absolute failure (as I predicted several times in the past) that is Obamacare cannot be hidden, the President will do what any good dictator does: ignore the Rule of Law, ignore the Constitution, and just dictate what will happen.

The actions of President Obama are truly impeachable.  Anyone who is willing to take off their partisan glasses and just look at the facts would have no other choice but to agree.  This President is not just ignoring the law, he is rewriting it by executive fiat - and that dictatorial power MUST be challenged and stopped.  The fact that so many of those on the Left will cheer and defend him in the face of such an unsupportable action by the President shows that many here are willing to accept a dictatorship - as long as it is their guy in charge.

The President is a dictator.  The President must be shut down, he must be stopped.  If not, the US will lose its unique form of balanced Government, and become nothing but a sycophantic dictatorship with a complicit Congress and cowed judiciary.  The true mettle of the political denizens of Washington will now come forward - and those who defend this President will show their TRUE colors as fascists - there is no other way to characterize those who defend and uphold the actions of a dictator.



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