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Monday, 16 May 2011 00:17

The current economic nightmare facing the US - deficits greater than any BUDGET prior to 1996, deficits greater than the GDP of Canada - is, in this author's humble opinion - the greatest threat to the nation at this time. It is not a social issue, it is not a foreign relations issue - it is purely economic in nature. If we do not get this situation under control, and do so within the next 2 years, it will not matter where we come down on social issues or foreign relations; the fate of the nation will be sealed and the demise will be assured. It will be slow in coming, but inexorable and unstoppable.

This is not the time for timid politicians; a President who shirks from the tough stand is to be abhored not lauded. What would I envision a courageous President would do? Read on on to find out...


Open scene - all 535 members of Congress, all 15 cabinet secretaries, and all 7 cabinet-level officers are seated on the South White House lawn, grouped by State - not party or position.

The President walks to the podium, and begins to speak.

My fellow Americans, we are gathered here today in the open. The choice of venue is deliberate and representative: we are called to work for the people in an open and responsible process, and we are gathered here today under the sky, in the nature the Creator gave us. We are to recall the vastness of these United States, and reflect on the deep trust given us by the people. The very people who put us in our positions, and to whom we must answer. We can never forget that we are their servants, and we serve at their pleasure - not ours. We breathe the same air, and relish the same warm sun of every citizen of this great Nation, and do so with a responsibility to serve to the absolute best of our abilities.

As a nation, ours is a storied past, a Nation of great promise, greater achievement, and one that defeated the greatest obstacles and challenges the world could provide. We stopped two World Wars by sheer force of will and muscle and steel. We halted the spread of Communism and fascism. We brought democracy and peace and economic progress to billions. And have done so in less time than any other nation or empire of any time. We created an empire - an empire of growth and prosperity and human elevation, of achievements beyond human thought. Our empire was one of a willing coalition of nations, not dominated by anything of us save our indominitable spirit to rise up to meet any challenge, to persevere, and to succeed.

However, we as a nation now face our greatest challenge. It is to begin the process of meeting and conquering this challenge that forms the reason I have called you here today. And we will begin in earnest, here, not cloistered in the halls of Congress. We will start our journey with our feet on the soil of our land, in the open and free space of our Nation, and for any and all to witness.

Our challenge is unique in our history, but one faced countless times before by other great nations and empires long parted from this planet. Our challenge, or enemy, is one that most assuredly is hell-bent on our destruction and has moved far towards that goal. We will be laid low and strewn on the trash-heap of history if we do not gird our loins and heed to call to battle.

The challenge is of our own making; it is not a force of another, or one of targets beyond our shores. It is here, among us, and - to a large degree - the results of the actions of all gathered here. Myself not excluded. We have fomented and stroked its fire, we have fueled its blaze, and given the strength and arms it has to present an imminent threat of total destruction of these United States.

The challenge we face is our national debt, and its avaracious twin, the defict. These two, like Scylla and Charybdis of legend, seek to destroy our nation. They threaten to consume our very way of life, to devour the lives and energy of every American drawing breath today - and those who are yet to come. And these two were birthed from the loins of those gathered here today, and those who sat in same position in years before. We - corporately - created these two demons, and it is now time for us to slay them.

I want to ask you all to stand with me, stand up.

Now we are all standing. I want you to look around. See the force and power that 535 united together can manifest. And imagine that - for every person on these grounds - there are nearly 600,000 relying and marching along with us.

Consider what I am about to ask carefully. Heed my coming words; I do not say them in vain, nor for pleasure of the sound of my own voice. These are words of warning, a call to arms, and one that seeks to neither blame nor denounce save those who will oppose our coming battle with this most evil, wretched, and self-spawned monster we will now face.

Everyone here is standing. I want to ask any here, that do not consider our deficit and long-term debt to not be the single greatest challenge facing the United States to take a seat; my words are not meant for you.

And now, I want to ask all - if you do not consider the Constitution of the United States to be the supreme law of the land, the charter by which all we strive and use to gauge our actions as the chosen representatives and leaders of our nation.

Lastly, I want to ask all standing if they believe we should force our children and our children's children to pay for our own failings and faults.

I ask you all to look around - not a single member of your deliberative body has settled. We are all still standing, united. From every State and all political stripes. And by our actions together - legislative and executive bodies - we have just pledged ourselves to elimination of the debt and the deficit, to do so without our generation, and to accomplish this goal in a manner consistent with the Consitution.

Today we begin the process of defeating this enemy. And we are all going to participate and work towards this goal. Ours is not an issue of lack of revenue, but one of wild spending, and thus only by dramatically scaling back our wasteful and wanton spending.

Today I call on each and every person here - Representative, Senator, Cabinet Secretary, and myself, to present, within 90 days, a budget plan that will eliminate $10 trillion in spending over the next 5 years. This is not optional; this is not a gentle request. I call on you to do so, and pledge to use all in my capability to enforce it.

Furthermore, I call upon the leadership of all Federal departments - my cabinet - and the leadership of both chambers of Congress to present budgets that will retire the national deficit within 3 years, and the national debt within 20 years, and to present such plans within 6 months. And we will - corporately as a united front - pass budgets from this point forward that will execute on these goals.

Many here are staring at me with looks of scorn or astonishment. By what right do I dictate to those gathered here? What authority do I claim as the foundation for my statements? None more than the office of the President of the United States of America, and the ability to call you out by name for your failure to do the will of the people.

For you see, all gathered here, I pledge that from this day forward any who is not an active participant in this battle will be publicly named. If they reside in the Executive branch, they will be summarily replaced. If they are in the Congress, I promise - regardless of party or history - to actively campaign against them, to visit their past benefactors, to meet with their constituents and use whatever powers I may have to see their seat passed to another.

Yes, you have heard right - I will actively use this bully pulpit, the lectern of authority that comes with my office, and use it seek your defeat if you do not whole-heartedly join in with this struggle.

Many will seek to add new programs. To that I say - do so. But on this condition: for every dollar in new spending suggested by any gathered here must be accompanied by at least one dollar and twenty cents in spending cuts. New programs and expenses must be met with even greater savings and cuts. Not estimates of gains from some potential activity - hard cuts to existing budgets and funds.

Many more will seek to add taxes; to that I am willing to concede and sign. However, I will do so on one unassailable and unwavering position: such taxes must be completely, exclusively, and irrevocably commited to reduction of our debt. All receipts from any new tax are to go to the Treasury for retirement of our debt, and for no other purpose.

For any person here today that offers new spending without the minimum levels of corresponding cuts I have called for, or for any who offers new taxes without the dedication to this battle, I promise you the same as I stated earlier: I will use all within my power to actively press for your defeat in election and removal from office. This is not a time for the faint of heart or indecisive to occupy your seat; action is required, decisive and swift.

Lastly, I call upon all of you to remember - I am the President of the United States. It is just and true that I cannot create law, that I cannot form the budget. It is only in the hallowed halls of Congress that our sage process of legislation begins. But it is at my desk where it ends. And I pledge this: any bill that comes to my desk that does not meet my criteria for tackling this monster facing us will be immediately vetoed. And I will go further - I will name the authors and signatories of that bill, the champions of it, and will ensure they are known far and wide among their constituents as one not pledged to the elimination of our shared shackles.

And if you, as a body, seek to and successfully overturn my veto, then I pledge you this - you may direct laws enacted, and you may allocate budgets - but it is my pen and my cabinet who actually direct the spending of such dollars. We will not spend any of the funds you allocate unless they meet the requirements set out here. You may create law, you may authorize funds, but it is ultimately my responsibility, and the chief executive of the United States, to actually disburse such funds. And I will, to the very end of my term, oppose with all strength and ferocity, any action, directive, or scheme that will add but a single dollar to the legacy we have built as a nation.

These words are not said in jest or without careful deliberation, but they are truth. This is what we must rise up and meet head-on. Not as Democrat or Republican or Independent. Not as a Californian or Texan or New Yorker. But as Americans united together to create a nation that is not just better than today, but better for all generations to come. Our pledge as citizens, and our oath as the elected representatives of the people, is to govern and guide these United States in the course of prosperity and peace, to leave a nation in better standing and environs than we inherited, to ensure the lineage of this most remarkable and blessed country continues. That this shining city on the hill will continue not just to shine, but to do so with ever-brightening intensity so as to be the example for all.

God bless us all, God grant us mercy on the path we have sworn to take, and God bless the United States of America.

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