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Thursday, 15 October 2009 16:18

There's a cute little set of pictures that purport to "lay it out" about the health insurance debacle in These United States.  It's well drawn, and well written, the scripting flows great.  In fact, it's a really nice presentation in all ways except for the fact the fundamental basis for that little artwork is flawed:

1. Insurance is a business that averages about 3% profit.
2. Administrative costs of private insurance are less per-patient than Government costs.
3. Doctors face LESS pressure to reduce/restrict expenses with private insurance than Government insurance.
4. Costs of Government insurance plans have risen FASTER than private insurance plans.
5. The biggest insurers - Kaiser, BlueCross BlueShield, Group Health - are NON-PROFIT already!

And most importantly:

6. Government has no Constitutional authority to even step into the argument, let alone take it over.

The only thing that little presentation got right was at the end - there is NO addressing of containing costs in any of these plans.  They simply take over disbursement of the cash.  The reason health insurance costs are increasing is because the impetus of cost containment is gone, and the Senate and House bills do NOTHING to address this.

Of course, who would think a bunch of lawyers who are plied with millions from other lawyers would want to enact rules that limit the abilities of those lawyers.  Things like tort reform, plain-language contracts, Interstate commerce of plans, and the like.  

The Baucus and other Democrat bills "contain" costs by arbitrarily saying "we'll just pay less".  No reasoning given, no rationale even for how much less to pay or to determine who gets paid less.  We'll just pay less.  Never mind that administrative costs will be higher, that we'll have hundreds of millions of dollars lobbying who gets cut the least, and the like.  No, it'll just happen and will be fair.  And we can start paying the extra taxes right now and wait for our supposed benefits in 4-5 years.

When the anti-private-insurance forces cannot even agree on how many are uninsured (is it 46 million like was oft-claimed?  Is it 30 million like President Obama said?  Is it 54 million like the CBO implies?) we should stop and take a look at what's being done.  When legislation must be passed NOW! but it does not take effect for 4+ years, we need to take a look at the reasons for the rush.

This has nothing to do about healthcare delivery in the US.  And everything to do with those 536 overlords in DC (the Congress and the President) and their staffs taking control of another 20% of our GDP.  Between their profligate spending and this takeover, you realize that almost 50% of every dollar spent in These United States will be spent at the behest of Congress and the President?  One out of two dollars spent by those people.

This is about owning the nation.  It IS about fascism; what else would you call the Federal Government literally OWNING half of the entire economy?  This IS about a fascist takeover so our 536 rulers can stay in power as long as they want, and pass that power to whomever they choose.

There is no desire to fix health care delivery; that is not the goal of these plans.  It's all about taking over the economy and ensuring that you work for them, not they work for you.

RIP, USA.  Born July 4, 1776.  Slipped into a coma November 7, 2006.  Died November 4th, 2008.


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