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Friday, 14 August 2009 00:02

And so it becomes apparent; Congressional Democrats and the media are officially fiscal ostriches.  A very important milestone was reached in July, one with disasterous consequences for these United States, yet nary a peep was uttered, or should I say a feather ruffled?



What happened in July 2009?  The US Federal Deficit grew by $181 billion.  Yes, the debt that we as a collective nation owe increased by $181 billion - $603 per person in the US - in a single month.  And what did you hear from anyone in Congress, or in the media, the supposed watchdogs of our Government?  You heard this:







Yes.  Silence.  Nothing.  Nada.  Simply grim determination to keep fighting other battles.


Why is this number so important, you may ask?  It represents a massive milestone; the last GOP/Bush deficit was $162 billion - for an entire YEAR.  In the history of these United States, only 13 years have seen budget deficits greater than $181 billion.  Yes, in 220 years, less than 6% have exceed in 12 months what was just created in the month of July.  Consider this:

  • The greatest monthly deficit in 2,640 months.
  • A deficit greater than any annual deficit from 1789 to 1983 - 194 years.
  • A deficit nearly twice that of the Truman and Eisenhower administrations.  Combined.
  • A deficit greater than the total debt incurred from 1789 until mid 1944, the first 155 years of the existence of this nation.

And what do you hear?  Silence.  Nothing.  Nada.


We cannot let this financial catastrophe - and that truly is what this is, a catastrophe beyond words - distract from fights over how to further accelerate the growth of the deficit by greatly expanding the entitlements granted by the Federal Government.  Clearly, the best way to reduce deficits is to simply blow them to ever-higher levels.


So when you sit down tonight and ponder the hysteria about who's astroturfing whom, and which person wrote what sign, consider that the thieves in charge - your Congressional leaders - have blown through more money in a single month than every Administration from George Washington through FDR, combined.  That a single month of deficit was equal to nearly 1.5% of our entire annual GDP.


And weep for the path we are on, for it will repay with sorrow and pain.

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