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Monday, 13 July 2009 20:04

Remember back in the heady, giddy early days of the Obama Administration?  Much was made over the promised tax cut for the middle and lower classes.  It was a full $13 per week for the average worker.  This was going to save the economy, rebuild America, and bring prosperity back to the shores of these United States!

But this isn't the $13 I'm talking about...



No, I'm talking about today's announcement of the budget deficit for the first 9 months of Fiscal Year 2009.  It came in at a mind-boggling $1.08 trillion dollars so far. Yes, so far this fiscal year the Obama Administration has spent $1.08 trillion more than it brought in.  That's $120 billion a month.  $3.95 BILLION every day.  And interestingly, for the 300 million here in America, that works out to $13.18 per day per person.


The Obama Administration let you keep $13 per week more of what you make.  Of course, they'll spend that much EVERY DAY for every person (not just those working).  The money the Federal Government has spent in deficit spending this month so far has already eclipsed your tax rebate.  Just July so far, through this month.


Clearly, we need to somehow get back to the concept of fiscal balance.  My approach would work in the long term, and should be seriously entertained by Congress. But right now, rather than dealing with actual deficit reduction, our Government is debating nationalizing health care, adding tens of millions more people to Federal coverage which will necessarily greatly increase expenditures (by $100+ billion per year, if the CBO is correct).


I urge you to contact your Senators and Representatives and ask them what your $13 got you.  Contact them every day, asking the same question: what will I get for my $13?  And keep the pressure up until they get the point (or we vote them out) and finally return to some sanity in how this nation's finances are handled.

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