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Thursday, 09 July 2009 22:09

Nationalizing health care is the latest push of the Slavery Party; and with the haste being applied, it is quite apparent they want this not for the benefit of society, but for their own controlling agendas!  Because if you take a look at the real data behind this debate, you'll see they have nothing to stand on.


The Obama Administration is trying to rally support for a Federal takeover of health care as a way to eliminate the deficit.  On its face this is a patently absurd notion; dug into, and it becomes an explicit and deviant set of lies!  To start with the simplest observation regarding this historic deficit:


If the problem is too much Federal spending, then adding even MORE Federal spending - in place of private spending - is the exact OPPOSITE of what you want to do.


You don't lower your household debt by piling on even more debt.  If you're spending too much of your paycheck,t he solution is not to add even more spending!  Somehow, we are supposed to look at an average of $1 trillion in deficits over the next 10 years, and by adding an additional $1.6 trillion in spending come up with a lower average deficit.  Now admittedly, I earned an electrical engineering degree, so my math is more from the scientific side (and in complete disclosure, I did need to retake multivariable calculus because I earned a D my first time; I earned a B the second time through), but starting with a negative $1 trillion budget flow, and adding another negative $160 billion should result in a negative $1.16 trillion combined.  In other words, expanding Federal coverage of medical expenses will only INCREASE Federal spending, not reduce it!


To date I have not seen an answer relating to this issue.  NO ONE seems to be able to explain how a -1 added to a -1 will result in a number higher than -1!  This claim is so outrageous, I assume that it is not challenged because most people either cannot believe it at all, or - because of the magnitude of stupidity related to the claim - have to stop and think if there is something extremely subtle they are missing.  I can assure you, dear reader, there is nothing subtle - or logical (or mathematical, for that matter!) about this claim.


But let us dig into the other big claim - and resulting lie - about health care.  We are told that health care costs are spiraling upwards, and threaten to eat our GDP if we do nothing! Only letting the Federal Government assume control can we slow - and even reverse - this spiral of cost.


There are two fallacies to be slain here. The first is that having health care consume more of our GDP is a bad thing. I propose there is, in fact, nothing wrong with it!  Economic forces come and go.  Right now, we are on an upswing in total GDP growth of health care.  As long as the GDP is increasing (something that the Obama Administration appears to be steadfastly opposed to, if their actions are to be dispassionately regarded, but I digress) then is it a concern about WHAT it is increasing in?


Consider the financial sector.  One hundred years ago, it was less than 1% of our GDP; today it stands near 15%.  Was that growth dangerous and deadly for the US?  Was our standard of living wiped out?  I contend that we all live a MUCH better life than that of 1907, when cars were rare, the phone was brand new, radio didn't exist, Edison was working on light bulbs, and planes were still a dream!  If you had a job it was most likely in heavy industry or agriculture, both of which succeeded on the strength of the backs of man and beast alike.


So let us say that health care grows to be 20% of our GDP; is that a bad thing?  No, it simply means that health care related industries and fields will experience a growth in value and revenue.  It is a shift in our economy, just like we shifted from agricultural, to industrial, to high tech and finance.  Emergence of new leaders in terms of GDP share is expected and will always happen.


What is the other fallacy?  The fallacy that Government can provide health care at a lower cost than the private sector.  The current Administration loves to demonize private doctors and insurance companies as greedy, uncaring, and untrustworthy.  The Federal Government is all-beneficent and all-caring, with low costs and wide, easy, quick access.  And the chalice held before the rapt populace to prove such wondrous pronouncements?  None other than Medicare!


So what about Medicare?  The claim is made by the Administration and their acolytes that Medicare is cheaper.  That claim is, in fact, a lie.  Medicare costs have risen - on average - 34% faster than private insurance costs over the last 40 years. Let that sink in.  If your private insurance ramped from $1 in 1970 to $10 today, Medicare would  have ramped from $1 to $13.40.  Yes, Medicare IS growing considerably faster than private insurance!


In fact, Medicare is growing at nearly three TIMES the rate of inflation!  Looking at the raw numbers, we see that Medicare has grown by an annualized 12% over the last 45 years.  Compare that to the average of 4.6% annualized for inflation.  Medicare costs are not just growing 34% faster than private health care costs, but they are growing at nearly 3 times the rate of all other expenditures. Yet we are to assume that - because the Federal Government will expand its Medicare and Medicaid programs - these rates will reduce.  Here's a hint: Medicare and Medicaid coverage have GREATLY expanded over the last 40 years already.  We have 40 years of history saying that covering more will INCREASE the rate of costs, not decrease it!


And what do we get for this increase in the cost of health care, for turning over all our information and well-being to the Federal Government?  We are told that we will move closer to that paragon of nationalized health care, Canada.  Yes, Canada, where the average wait for surgery is 18 weeks and the average wait to be seen in an emergency room is 9 hours. Yes, Canada where you will need all your fingers and toes to count the weeks going by before you can receive your operation.  That is what waits for us.


Fundamentally, what is being promised by the Obama Adminstration and the Slavery Party can be surmised as:


1. A stiff increase in the Federal Deficit

2. A stiff increase in health care costs

3. Reduced service and quality


Yet that is what many willingly desire, in the name of HOPE and CHANGE!


UPDATE: the Heritage Foundation just completed their own analysis and came to the same conclusions - Government administrated health care is MORE expensive than privately administrated health care.

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