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Monday, 06 July 2009 01:29

President Obama ran on a platform of hope, change, and unity. No longer politics as usual, but a new call to come together as Americans. To bridge the divide of partisan politics. They were certainly persuasive words, enough to persuade 53% of the electorate to select him for the Presidency.


But the truth is now coming out. Politics is now completely partisan – there is no call for unity, just a strident shout towards execution of one man’s – and one party’s – desires. Along with this hyper-radicalization of politics, we are witnessing the boldest accumulation of power to one man since the beginning of these United States, nearly 12 score years ago.

For proof, I offer the following:


Consider the number of "czars" he has appointed that report only to him.  Not to Congress, not to Secretaries, to him. A total of 21 people with unparalleled authority and power, answering only to the Executive.


Consider that the cap-and-trade bill (I think it's finally written and complete, only 3 days after the vote) turns over the ability to set prices and taxation rates to the Secretary of the Interior.  Not Congress.  The Executive branch. The power to tax and control energy production and usage within the US is now firmly ensconced with the Executive.


Consider that the Kennedy health bill turns over the ability to set profits, rates, and coverage to the Secretary of Health and Human Services.  Not Congress.  The Executive branch. Here, literally, is the power to decide life and death, laid at the foot of the Executive.


Consider that the Treasury already changed the terms of TARP and maintains control of banks independent of what the Congress wants, or what the banks would normally legally be required to do.


Consider the virtual nationalization of the automotive industry.  Nearly 200,000 additional workers now work for the Government. Some of the largest companies of the US now report to the Executive, with a new CEO appointed not by the shareholders and board of the car companies, but the Executive.


Consider that the Federal Government - this year - will spend 27 of every 100 dollars inside the US.  That's 27% of our GDP comes from Federal Government spending.


Consider that - with the addition of health and energy - the Federal Government will directly control 55 out of ever 100 dollars spent in the US.  That is 55% of our GDP will be Federal Government controlled.


Obama is slowly nationalizing and securing all power to him.  Those who just 9 months ago were shouting about the fear of the all-powerful unitary Executive under President Bush have gone strangely silent.  The rate of power accumulation within the Executive is unprecedented and un-Constitutional.  Yet forward he goes, with nary a challenge.


This is Cult of Personality leading to the fascist takeover of the United States.  Rule of Law is already being replaced with the Rule of The Greater Good.  If there's more benefit to more people, then the law is ignored (see bankruptcy of Chrysler for one example).  And the Greater Good is now determined by the Executive and his czars.


Welcome to the emergence of the American dictator.

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