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Sunday, 14 June 2009 05:13

Many often are surprised or even repulsed by my use of Slavery Party in place of the more common (and self-given) Democrat Party. I submit that, for facts both historical and modern, the moniker Slavery Party is not just applicable but descriptive beyond reproach.


The history of the ill-named Democrat Party comes from 1828 with the election of Andrew Jackson. What could have been a party of proud traditions and Liberty rather chose the repulsive path of slavery, carrying that proud banner in the name of “States rights” in the Civil War. When man picks up weapons against another in the attempt to maintain ownership – as a person owns a car – of another man, that violates one of the three central Rights granted (those being the rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness).


With the war lost, the Democrat Party found its power waned immensely. Arising from the ashes of the South came a terrorist group, a US equivalent of Hamas. The Ku Klux Klan was as dark a stain on our Nation as could be, insidious and abjectly evil beyond description. Yet this very group was the mainstay and enforcement of the Democrat Party. So much so they even used the symbol of the Democrats – the donkey – in their own terrorist propaganda (see this image for example).


As Slavery was defeated, and as years passed the Democrats maintained a strict adherence to oppression of racial and religious minorities. To wander streets of Democrat strongholds as a Jew, Catholic, black, asian, or even fresh-landed Irishman would be to invite attack and death. So strong the hatred for all things not deemed “acceptable”; truly a blood-lust Machiavellian view of life!


But years passed, and against overwhelming opposition of the Democrats, the Republicans pushed through the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act, forever eliminating Jim Crow laws and the political oppression of minorities. Never forget – Martin Luther King Sr. and Martin Luther King Jr. were both registered Republicans!


With their object of hate now lawfully protected, the Democrats sought a new means of subjugation of their victims: economic yokes placed on them. In the name of “help”, the Democrats sought – and achieved economic repression. Rather than teaching a man to fish, they chose to just give him a fish, thus guaranteeing that man would always return and do their bidding.


Today the Democrats seek to extend that same economic yoke to all. Through socialized medicine, more will be brought under their control. With direct handouts of money – unearned and untaxed – they will bribe and subjugate even more. And by fraud and theft of vote they seek to control those who still resist their yoke.


Yes, many are shocked at my use of Slavery Party for the Democrat Party, and Slaver rather than Democrat. Yet when the history is considered, and the actions looked at unflinchingly and uncolored, the name is found to not just fit but to be earned by blood and fear by that same party.

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