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Monday, 01 June 2009 00:12

Welcome to Simply Shrug, a new movement of Conservative Politics.  I trust you'll find this site and its ideas of interest, and will join in my call to bring the concept of Simply Shrug to the forefront of US politics.


Simply Shrug.  It sounds simple, and it is.  It's taken from Ayn Rand's classic book, Atlas Shrugged.  In that book, the producers of society - the business men, the creators of wealth - finally rebel from the ever-growing greed of class warfare and a Government bent on wealth redistribution as a means to maintain power and control.


How did they rebel?  They dropped out - went away.  They metaphorically shrugged when society demanded ever more of them.  Shrugged and walked away.


That is what I am doing here at Simply Shrug: urging all Conservative and Moderate Federal politicians to simply shrug.   For the last 14 years I have watched the petulance and heard the shrill calls of anger by those on the political Left; no longer was discourse tolerated, but obedience required and hate preached long and full.


The election of 2008 has seen that ugly side of politics win.  Through demonization, personal attacks rather than thoughtful debate, and above all playing to the basest desires of Man - greed, envy, lust - the Slavery Party of the USA has wrested control of the Federal Government.  They have promised to take from the creators of wealth, to destroy the engine of economy in a greed-fueled desire to "make it fair".  No longer will man support man from the charity of his soul; you will be forced by Government to give that which another decides you don't need, to those who desire to take it without reason.


How then, do you counter such actions?  There are two ways - one is to fight hard and vocally.  In another age that would work, and it has worked effectively.  Media outlets were interested in a fair and honest debate between sides, serving the Country in their role as a conduit of political discourse to the Nation.


But increasingly over the last 16 years we have seen a stridency and extreme bias appear within that same media.  Once a lone bastion in the world for fairness, the modern US media has become sloven in their duty, and beholden to their internal biases.  Outright cheerleading for the Slavery Party, and disdain for Conservatives and Moderates is the rule of the day.  Given this radical shift over the last generation, a fight cannot be effectively waged, since the battleground - the media - is opposed to such fairness.  Many times are the long and pretty words of a Slavery Party politician spread and trumpeted in the Media, while the clear and coherent counter from the Conservative side is ignored, or if played is butchered into snippets and ridiculed.


That leaves the other option.  To simply shrug.  Which is what I am calling on the Conservative and Moderate politicians to do.  What does this mean?  When an issue arises in committee or on the floor, simply stay quiet.  Do not give the other side the courtesy of a debate.  Use your Congressional privilege to enter your comments into the record without reading.  Your message will be recorded for time immemorial, and your position will be cemented.


Then when it comes to vote, simply shrug.  Do not vote yea or nay; rather vote Present.  Do not give the Slavery Party the satisfaction of any support, nor the rallying point of dissent.  Let them operate as they will, and do so with no cover from the Conservative and Moderate viewpoint.


Simply shrug.  It is simple, direct, and in fact the ultimate foil for their brand of evil politics.  The current problems facing this nation are because of their actions; force them to take accountability for the situation by forcing them to solve it on their own.  Their positions of Marxism, and their promises of wealth redistribution and political retribution for imagined slights will crumble.  They simply do not possess the logic, philosophy, integrity, or will to do what is needed.  And it will crumble.


A continuing fight against these forces is only possible with not only a free but a fair media; since that simple does not exist, the solution is not to fight.  Simply retreat, and let the Left self-destruct.  Sun Tzu's Art of War applies to politics as well as martial conflict.


I urge all our Federal - and in many cases - State representatives, senators, and other politicians to simply shrug.  Make a simple statement of why you are doing this, and then follow through.  You will not lose the support of those who elected you!  We will stand with you, and when the Left fails in utter dispair, we will come along side you and rebuild this great Country to the promise and position it once held.


Simply Shrug.

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